Stress elimination     that works

Hello and welcome  to my site, I am Jane and I trust that what you will find here will excite you and give you hope for your future. 

Let me show you what's it all about.


 We use a unique set of energy tools that have become available to us for the first time only recently. They provide a solid foundation which enhances any other modality or practice of personal growth and transformation. They enable us to access areas of stuck and entangled energy that have, until now, been largely inaccessible. They provide a master key that allows us to open the door into the vast areas of our unconscious, subconscious and the super-conscious parts of ourselves. They have been tried and tested using an extraordinary imaging system called VRIC imaging.This kit contains everything you need to start engaging with this process with immediate effect and with beautiful and often miraculous and speedy results. These frequencies are safe to use for all age ranges, and for men, women and children of any culture or religious or non religious background.

What is Supercoherence and how can it help?

With my help and guidance, you will discover a revitalising new way for emotional and physical well-being.  I aim to enable you to  take your physical and emotional self into your own hands. What I  will show you  is simple for anyone to master, and yet  it is  powerful, fast,  and effective.  Supercoherence is the end result of a process  where love and light come together with extreme precision and can restore each individual  to their balanced and true self.  This is a new and positive way for  restoring balance using only these light energy tools.  We are balancing the biolight field (using light energy) which is present within every human being.

So what is it and what does it mean?

When you hold the 'SRTLF's *  every day for just 20 minutes in the morning you will be creating coherence in your biolight energy field.  This means that your system becomes orderly and reset back to zero point.  Your system will become better regulated and more functional.  Many of us may have lost connection with the part of us which is always balanced and at zero through a variety of emotional traumas and events which have mostly stored  in our subconscious.  This process allows us to very directly reconnect / realign with that place, so your feelings, behaviours and relationships with the world around you can change.  Your re balanced energy will change and so allow different possibilities to unfold into your life.

We are clearing the biolight energy field, creating coherence within it and allowing it to realign with the higher self or soul level - that is all we are doing.  We do not make diagnoses or address physical symptoms directly, any physical and or emotional changes are a "side effect" of creating coherence within the body mind spirit system.

We ask clients to take note of what has changed, what is different, anything atypical

We invite you to experience our powerful system that can help you make positive changes in your life with ease and grace. It only takes a few sessions to learn the basics, yet you can easily incorporate our simple techniques into everything you are already practicing.

We offer GLOBAL individual introductory sessions  
in person, by phone and via the web.

For many people, starting to use our balancing techniques is just the beginning of creating a new and extraordinary life with ease and grace. 




 I will share with you a unique method for restoring energy and zest using a set of new products designed for greater balance, transformation, success and excellence.

When you come to see me it is important to know what you are coming for so that we can discuss this at our first meeting, and plan for further sessions as required.

In return I will offer you a unique experience using these tools and feel for yourself the start of your own personal coherence – where your life begins to make sense to you. You will begin to enhance your clarity,  creativity and energy. your stresses will melt away and make way for more harmony , happiness and  function.  You will begin to build more self confidence, authenticity and self esteem by clearing the unseen blockages that stand in the way of you being your true and vibrant self.

To-gether we will resolve,disolve and neutralize deep seated,  non-nourishing patterns of anger, guilt, blame and shame and uncover the shining self that is always present, but has not been easily accessible for you until now.

Connect with me to find your life’s purpose and your soul’s journey though the conscious coherence process, which is supercoherence  






As you know we make no medical claims at all, we do not 'treat' symptoms, we simply seek to clear the bio-light energy field using the frequencies, we get our clients to notice and record anything that occurs that is atypical, all changes are relevant and are then addressed.  As a practitioner I do give treatments as you know.  These can be done two ways, by purchasing a set of frequencies of your own, and the support from me will be over the phone or internet, the other way is in person using my frequencies, this can be done face to face, here in London, face to face in a clinic, or remotely by sending me pictures and I give you the verbal suggestions and support by phone. No frequencies are sold without a telephone call first to ensure you totally understand the protocol for this system. 

The Supercoherence Return To Love Frequencies (SRTLFs)

Your kit contains 1 pair of the SRTLFs.

The pair contain a PINK (drop shaped) glass carrier, and a GREEN (round) glass carrier 

carrier, and the frequencies that are encoded within them.

Each pair has been hand made by skilled glass artists-master craftsmen in England.






Free every order:-


The DVD is about an hour long and is an introduction to the process. It gives you some background information on how this amazing process came into being, and the effects and possibilities that open up as a result of engaging with it.  It is a good idea to watch it before you start using the frequencies. Please note that this DVD is in English and PAL format only.

If you live in the UK we will send your package via Royal Mail Special Delivery, which will have to be signed for, and will include the SRTLF kit and DVD.  Delivery to UK addresses is £7.  Delivery to all other countries is £14.


Our guarantee is a very simple one.

You can return the kit to us anytime up to 365 days of purchase and we will refund your money less the delivery P&P charges.  We want only happy clients.  You do not need to give any reason and there will no questions asked and no hard feelings.

My charges are £50 per session plus mileage if travelling is involved.
You should allow an hour for a session as they usually take between 45 -60 minutes. 
I trust this all makes sense to you and you are more than welcome to decide which method would suit you best. 



$400 (£250) PLUS P&P

Including the beautiful DVD 

Message about the founder of this system  ~ Thrity



Having  known Thrity Engineer  the founder of the Supercoherence program  for over 10 years, participated and observed the progress through VRIC and Biolumenetics towards Supercoherence and having now trained and subsequently qualified with her in this system, I have no doubt that this system can help in many ways for so many people.  I am 100% committed to maintaining the integrity of Thrity's work and teachings. I am one of the first group of global practitioners working out of London U.K